It’s quite funny than the only service that is fully accessible (at least that’s my impression) through IPv6 is IRC which is usually considered as something deprecated/obsolete.

UPnP/DLNA player

I really tried to find solution myself but I failed.
Please tell me that we have some player that’s able to play videos through UPnP/DLNA *with* subtitles available in external file.

Certificate of volunteering work for Debian

My current employer has some internal program that it allows employee to devote two days a year for volunteering work.
It doesn’t matter what it is (work for hospice, planting trees, helping in some foundation) so I thought about devoting this time for the Debian project.

Either fixing RC bugs or finally give my packages enough attention and take care of their updates.

Anyway the employer needs the certificate that I took participation in such event.
So the question is if it is possible to get some official document/certificate that I devoted some time to work on Debian?

Bureaucracy has to be fulfilled unfortunately.

Choosing the tablet

Dear lazy web,

The electronic devices are much cheaper in US than in Poland and I’ve got an opportunity to get one without duty/taxes and all that crap.

I wonder if Kindle Fire HD is the right choice for someone outside of US/UK?
We don’t have access to all Amazon services but still this tablet specification looks interesting.

Any other hints? I’m looking for something under 300 bucks, so no fruits please 😉

TV with PVR from HDMI

Please tell me that it’s not truth and there are TVs capable to record video that came in from HDMI.
I’m trying to find TV that would allow me to record video from my cable TV provider and he gives me router/cable modem that has HDMI output.

Please tell me that there are some devices that are able to store signal going through it… I can upload some handcrafted firmware if I have to.

God bless LVM

Correct me if I’m wrong (and I really want to be wrong).
Is that whole LVM crap expects me to be forecaster/fortune-teller?

I wanted to upgrade some squeeze based virtual machine to wheezy. Sounds nice, yeah?
So before the upgrade you should ensure that you have backup, right?
Assuming that whole system is LVM based all you have to do before upgrade is LVM snapshot.
I did it and I was quite surprised that I had to declare its size.
I did it basing on assumption that upgrade shouldn’t take more than let say 5GB.


mastersrv:~# lvs
  LV       VG      Attr   LSize   Origin  Snap%  Move Log Copy%  Convert
  backup   virtual -wi-ao  50,00g                                       
  mainsrv  virtual -wi-ao 300,00g                                       
  redminbu virtual swi-a-   5,00g redmine   0,00                        
  redmine  virtual owi-a-  19,53g

Now I did upgrade redmine virtual machine and this is what I got:

mastersrv:~# lvs
  LV       VG      Attr   LSize   Origin  Snap%  Move Log Copy%  Convert
  backup   virtual -wi-ao  50,00g                                       
  mainsrv  virtual -wi-ao 300,00g                                       
  redminbu virtual Swi-I-   5,00g redmine 100.00                        
  redmine  virtual owi-ao  19,53g

These attr flags mean “Snapshot invalid” and “Invalid snapshot”.
End of the story… this is last time I actually tried that method of backup.
Happily I have also some traditional backup (mysqldump+rsync) but I’m really surprised that LVM works this way.
There was plenty of free space to enlarge that volume and this is what you get in your logs:

[13402279.777238] device-mapper: snapshots: Invalidating snapshot: Unable to allocate exception.

Unable to allocate exception? Did it really try to do it?

mastersrv:~# pvs
  PV         VG      Fmt  Attr PSize   PFree  
  /dev/md0   virtual lvm2 a-   884,01g 514,46g

I don’t think so.

dibbler 0.8.2

To whom it may concern.

I’ve just uploaded new upstream version of dibbler (portable DHCPv6 client/server) to unstable.
The resolvconf patch needed some changes to apply on that version so whoever actually uses dibbler, please test it ASAP so we could address any issues.

This version amongst other things fixes nasty Debian bug #659476.