UPnP/DLNA player

I really tried to find solution myself but I failed.
Please tell me that we have some player that’s able to play videos through UPnP/DLNA *with* subtitles available in external file.

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13 thoughts on “UPnP/DLNA player

  1. Jens

    Problematic. Such thing doesn’t exist in upnp/dlna. There are two concurrent non-standard extensions, one defined by samsung and the other by twonky. I’ve seen support for that in some hardware players.

  2. Poulpatine


    Which Media Server are you using ? I think that with PS3 Media Player you can encode subtitles in video stream.

  3. David

    If you can, you should try PS3 Media Server, a DLNA server which reencodes the video stream on the fly and includes the subtitles in it.

  4. sileht

    Hi, I used “minidlna” with my samsung TV, and the external subtitle file work just fine without any special configuration.


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