It’s quite funny than the only service that is fully accessible (at least that’s my impression) through IPv6 is IRC which is usually considered as something deprecated/obsolete.

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6 thoughts on “ipv6

  1. rozie

    Fully accessible? You must be kidding. Get IPv6 tunnel at he.net (one of the most popular tunnel brokers), choose PoP in Warsaw and try to connect to IRCnet. I mean after enabling IRC connectivity (requires sage lvl at he.net certification). Finding IRC server with no k-line for he.net is a challange. 🙁

    1. fEnIo Post author

      AFAIR IPv6 tunnels are considered to be the way to workaround K-line on Polish IRCnet servers.
      Even OVH has howto’s on their documentation how to set up IRC connection through IPv6.

      1. rozie

        “You (*@2001:470:71:260:0:0:0:4/48) are banned from this server: Please use another server” and ” You (*@2001:470:0:0:0:0:0:0/32) are banned from this server: All he.net tunnels klined – too many abuses – use http://www.sixxs.net/main/ and you have I-line!” are proof of this. 😉

  2. Roland


    I found your blog through planet debian feed.

    I think most people don’t know how to setup? Or are “afraid” about something (doing wrong, secret backdoor, …) horrible? One day, we must turn it on, as IPv4 may got obsolete. But that is far in future, I think.


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