Zenbook and kernel 3.6

Eventually after upgrade to kernel 3.6 I can without stress unplug power cable from my Zenbook.
It doesn’t randomly die after that.


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8 thoughts on “Zenbook and kernel 3.6

    1. fEnIo Post author

      I have no idea. I really wanted first less power usage so I tested mainly bleeding edge kernels with experimental RC6 support.

  1. Henry

    Hello Sir

    I use UX31e with Ubuntu for a year now. They had suspend issues, but you can fix it with a script. Generally it worked stable. Current Ubuntu got Kernel 3.5, no issues so far.

    Now the problem is, that since 12.10 they integrated amazon shopping lens, social-network crap and cloud-stuff. This is going into the wrong direction clearly, so I consider swithcing to Debian wheezy as soon as it’s declared stable.

    That means I go back to Kernel 3.2.

    Now this website is the best information I found on the topic, but it’s been a fre weeks since last update.

    So here’s my question: Will UX31E be running stable and without any shutdowns etc. under STANDARD Debian Wheezy?

    Because If i have to compile my own kernel / apply patches to kernel(config) etc. something is *clearly* broken and I will stick with Ubuntu for another while. Even tough I do not agree with the direction they’re taking, it runs very stable on UX31E.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s cool all the work you put into it to make it work. I just think that if a operating system is broken that hard, so it makes this effort necessary, I will definitely not use it.

    Again – my question is: Will Debian Wheezy with standard Installation / Kernel etc. work properly on UX31E?

    If not, what’s the effort I’d have to calculate? Is it done in 1-2 Hours or does it *really* involve compiling Kernels and whatnot (and as soon as a new Kernel Update comes I’d have to do it again) etc. etc.

    Can you please give me your thoughts on this?

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