Choosing the tablet

Dear lazy web,

The electronic devices are much cheaper in US than in Poland and I’ve got an opportunity to get one without duty/taxes and all that crap.

I wonder if Kindle Fire HD is the right choice for someone outside of US/UK?
We don’t have access to all Amazon services but still this tablet specification looks interesting.

Any other hints? I’m looking for something under 300 bucks, so no fruits please ;)

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13 thoughts on “Choosing the tablet

  1. Joel Dinel

    I recently bought a (Google) Nexus 7 tablet, and I love it. It fits your price point, wifi only however (no 3G). It’s half the size of an iPad, so holding it in one hand is quite comfortable.

  2. Anonymous

    Kindle Fire HD if you want high resolution and don’t mind a heavily customized Android by Amazon. Nexus 7 if you want a nice tablet with stock Android and don’t mind the non-HD resolution.

  3. allan

    I recently purchased the nexus 7 google pad and im very happy with the thing. I went for the 16gb version, it has the kindle/nook apps if you want that kind of thing. You can root it, I haven’t yet.

    As an ebook reader, it is the right size. Weighs about as much as a fat paperback, and the life of the battery is good. The deal I got when I ordered came with a $25 google store credit, I don’t know if that is still a deal. it easily hooked up to the bluetooth keyboard my wife had for her hp touchpad.

    I have a few apps that I recommend, Airdroid, FBReader (for my free ebook reading), the American Red Cross first aid app, the Humble Bundle Android batch, SwiftKey 3, the TED app and KeePassDroid. the Kindle and Nook apps I have installed but don’t use them yet.

  4. Alex

    Does it really have to be under $300? The ZaReason ZaTab is $349. Personally, I think the guaranteed openness and hackability (and a microSD slot, which the others don’t have) would be worth the extra cost.

    While I find the Nexus 7 intriguing, I’m a bit put off by its lack of video output or any kind of flash card slot. If you really need to keep the price under $300, though, it’s probably the best option.

    Regarding the Kindle Fire HD, I wouldn’t rely on being able to flash it with a different OS. I get the feeling Amazon would take steps to prevent users from doing that.

  5. Seegras

    Tablet or eBook-reader? If you want the latter, I’d recommend that one: — because it’s totally dumb. If you attach it to a computer both its internal SD and the SD-card show up as drives, and you can copy things over. No need for weird software and DRM contamination.

    Otherwise I’d probably go with the Nexus.

  6. Robert

    The Nook Tablet might be a better idea. AFAIK, it supports more formats (no lock-in), although it might or might not be upgradable to recent Androids. I’d be scared if somebody remotely removed content from my device (?!), and Amazon actually did that once to customers.
    Have you seen the Vivaldi tablet, too? Not sure about availability, but if you can get it, it’s all free software, so the choice is rather obvious.

    If it’s about an e-book reader, I can recommend the Onyx Boox X61E – also a dumb device, distributed by a Polish company (on a sale…). No wireless though – won’t work as a tablet at all!


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