Certificate of volunteering work for Debian

My current employer has some internal program that it allows employee to devote two days a year for volunteering work.
It doesn’t matter what it is (work for hospice, planting trees, helping in some foundation) so I thought about devoting this time for the Debian project.

Either fixing RC bugs or finally give my packages enough attention and take care of their updates.

Anyway the employer needs the certificate that I took participation in such event.
So the question is if it is possible to get some official document/certificate that I devoted some time to work on Debian?

Bureaucracy has to be fulfilled unfortunately.

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11 thoughts on “Certificate of volunteering work for Debian

  1. Anonymous

    No official mechanism exists for this, but I suspect that the DPL could easily provide something on your behalf. How about dropping Stefano Zacchiroli a mail and asking about this?

    1. Jusi

      Well, you know how some people always wanna have other people to do their job. 😉

      But yeah, I believe even they can learn. 🙂

  2. rozie

    Two days a year? With bureaucracy (hopefully paper work is exluded from that time)? Almost like 20% in Google, but wait, 20% is one day per week. Anyway, better than nothing.

  3. Camelek

    You could give a proof of it just by sending few links of your activity. That should be enough I think.
    Working on fixing Debian Bugs should be the most visible way of doing that.

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