Monthly Archives: September 2012

Certificate of volunteering work for Debian

My current employer has some internal program that it allows employee to devote two days a year for volunteering work.
It doesn’t matter what it is (work for hospice, planting trees, helping in some foundation) so I thought about devoting this time for the Debian project.

Either fixing RC bugs or finally give my packages enough attention and take care of their updates.

Anyway the employer needs the certificate that I took participation in such event.
So the question is if it is possible to get some official document/certificate that I devoted some time to work on Debian?

Bureaucracy has to be fulfilled unfortunately.

Choosing the tablet

Dear lazy web,

The electronic devices are much cheaper in US than in Poland and I’ve got an opportunity to get one without duty/taxes and all that crap.

I wonder if Kindle Fire HD is the right choice for someone outside of US/UK?
We don’t have access to all Amazon services but still this tablet specification looks interesting.

Any other hints? I’m looking for something under 300 bucks, so no fruits please ;)