TV with PVR from HDMI

Please tell me that it’s not truth and there are TVs capable to record video that came in from HDMI.
I’m trying to find TV that would allow me to record video from my cable TV provider and he gives me router/cable modem that has HDMI output.

Please tell me that there are some devices that are able to store signal going through it… I can upload some handcrafted firmware if I have to.

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4 thoughts on “TV with PVR from HDMI

    1. fEnIo Post author

      Hmm… thanks for the links, but it’s still additional equipment. So I have to deal with TVs that doesn’t allow to do it themselves?

  1. rozie

    HDMI keys leaked some time ago, but you still will need additional equipment. Only STB with PVR function are capable of recording TV streams (and yes, there are some which allow recording unencrypted content on HDD so you can watch it on computer).

    I doubt TV set will be able to to this. This is whole point with content protection. To make additional cost and tell user to pay for it. For his own good. ;-)


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