Wheezy installation

Well I thought it’s going to be more user friendly and flawless.

I’ve just tried to install Wheezy on my Asus UX31e. It was possible, but no without some glitches.

First of all this is screen with question what software I would like to use. Well… I chose only the latest option. Guess why.
I’m not sure if it is problem with i10n of Polish installer or some more general problem.

Sorry for pasting pictures from Facebook, but that was the easier way to share it using my mobile.

Second thing – this time related to i18n – is Grub screen after installation. Here it goes.
I had no idea that Grub is ready for i18n… is it at all?

Third thing. Installer was able to setup WPA-PSK wifi during installation and that was cool. But if it was able to do it during installation then why there’s no wpa_supplicant configuration after first reboot?
I had to setup it manually to be able to download more software.

Fourth thing. Where is the magic behind encrypted LVM? I chose that option and now kernel asks me to enter password to be able to mount rootfs but after booting none of LVM utils tell me that I’ve got LVM.

Of course I’m going to read about it and to fill bugs about found problems, but I really thought installer is going to be more friendly.

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5 thoughts on “Wheezy installation

  1. James McCoy

    The software selection problem is likely #657389, which had a fix uploaded 2012/01/29 but hasn’t migrated to testing, yet.

  2. nefeli

    Does the ACPI and suspend behave correctly? I heard Linux Kernel is not able to advantage from the Asus technologies to improve the boot and resume from suspend speed.


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