Not able to install Debian

That’s sad. Hardware that was supported sometime ago, it’s now unsupported.
I have no idea how to install Debian on Sony Vaio laptop.
Tried all possibilities.

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15 thoughts on “Not able to install Debian

  1. Phil Dobbin

    same for me on a HP Proliant D580 even using the firmware/firmware installer from the Debian Wiki page. Not too surprising considering the hardware involved but nevertheless very sad. Ended up installing Fedora 12…

  2. Martin

    Hola Comrade,

    what Vaio model to You try to install Debian on (and what Debian version/installer are U using) ? Maybe You could give a Sid-Distro a try, I’m running aptosid/sidux and I’m quite happy.


  3. naft

    So your only “problem” is no Wi-Fi at install time? Or something else?

    “Tried all possibilities.” is not very informative…

    Have you tried installing from USB flash drive (and then upgrading to testing/unstable/whatever)?

    Or are you just trying to whine as much as possible? :)

  4. seraphyn

    Same procedure on a IBM Thinkpad 600X.
    This really sucks. Shouldn’t GNU/Linux be better in hardware relationships than the other ones out there….
    Greetings Chris

  5. Bob Proulx

    The Sony Vaio was never easy to install. I have one of those. The cdrom is a firewire cdrom. You would need an installer that understood firewire cdroms. That was never an option in the stock installer. At least not that I am aware. The easiest way was always to remove the disk, install on a different system, then replace the disk. In any case, I don’t think this has changed. I think it was always this way.

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