Sentelic touchpad

With the latest changes in driver for Sentelic touchpad I’m eventually able to use two-finger scrolling, and disable touchpad while typing.

Middle-button emulation and on pad click & drag doesn’t work yet, though. Edge scrolling either.

Anyway it starts to be really usable and there is some progress to merge this driver with mainline kernel.

I believe last time I was compiling kernel was around 2.4.18 and only because at that time I was maintaining router for some network and needed some special iptables extensions. Happily it hasn’t changed too much since then and I can compile 3.2.1 without problem 😉

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2 thoughts on “Sentelic touchpad

  1. Ben Hutchings

    What’s the status of this patch? It doesn’t seem to have been accepted upstream yet.

    We’ll need to backport this to 3.2 for wheezy, but I would like to use a version that’s been reviewed and accepted.

    1. fEnIo Post author

      Well AFAIK author is going to contact LKML after fixing also edge-scrolling which doesn’t work yet.

      So I’m not sure when it’s going to happen.


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