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Update your packages

I thought it’s going to be an easy task.

lintian told me it’s not so easy… I have to review all my packages, bump their stadards policy, comply with DEP-5, use new quilt format and so on…

That’s not an easy task with more than twenty packages.

Yeah I know it’s not requirenment, but still want to do that.

Brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup

Probably most of you already heard about weakness in Wifi Protected Setup discovered recently.
Using it you can reduce PIN authentication probes from 100000000 to only 11000 making brute force attack possible and reveal password to network in about 4 hours (usually even sooner).

Most AccessPoints are vulnerable thus with this attack you can brute-force almost any network around. Doesn’t matter if it uses WPA/WPA2 nor which method PSK/Radius. It only needs to be WPS enabled and most of APs are.

I’ve just packaged reaver-wps tool for Debian (I’m also an author of its ArchLinux PKGBUILD) and it’s now waiting in new queue.

If you want to try it before it enters unstable I put it also on my account.
After installing it all you have to do is enable monitor mode in your wifi card (you need aircrack-ng package for that):

airmon-ng start wlan0

Then start attack:

reaver -i mon0 -b xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -vv

Of course name of interfaces may differ as their depend on your wifi driver. After -b switch you have to enter BSSID of the target AP.

That’s all. Happy ha^Wcracking ;)

I wonder if it really enter Debian archive, cause it’s shipped with several libraries already included in Debian. Mainly Linux Wireless Extensions library, and some part of wpa-supplicant package (this are at least slightly modified).

In fact there are chances that reaver will became the part of the aircrack-ng suite (they discuss it already), but that won’t happen soon, so it still would be great to have this package in Debian.

New radiotray

I would really like to avoid publishing this post but I don’t know how to check Debian Planet’s aggregation otherwise, so forgive me.
I sponsored the upload of new version of radiotray package.

Asus UX31E

I’ve got that laptop. It’s pretty cool, but unfortunatelly doesn’t work perfectly under Linux.

I’ve just created subpage with information about its current support.
In short forget about long time battery life and about touchpad if you have Sentelic’s one.

Want to know more check out subpage related to Zenbook.

Happy new blog!

Always wanted to eventually start my own blog.
Facebook without searching capability isn’t the best place to share notes which I would like to find someday.

Yeah. This means that this blog will be mainly technical, related to Linux.

Since I want to add it to Planet Debian it’s going to be written only in English (sorry Sylwia ;) )

Don’t know yet if it’s its final theme/layout, I’m still experimenting with WordPress.

Almost forgot. Forgive me my poor English.

See you later.

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