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Back to Debian

Since all problems related to Zenbook (Asus UX31e) under Linux can be solved without using the bleeding edge kernel and rest of the stuff, I’m going to end my short adventure with ArchLinux.

Basically I have nothing against ArchLinux. Seems to be quite good choice for someone more experienced, but assuming I’m able to use new laptop under Debian then learning new options of pacman or yaourt is useless for me.

Even such short adventure with ArchLinux ended up with my own PKGBUILDs for this distro ;)

Anyway. Goodbye Arch, welcome Debian unstable. Tomorrow I’m going to reinstall to Debian. This time Windows 7 will be removed too.

Possible solution to sudden shutdowns of Zenbook under Linux

Some guy on Ubuntu forum described a solution to fix sudden shutdowns on Asus UX31e with enabled RC6 under Linux.
Seems that the problem is in Differentiated System Description Table (part of ACPI).

I wonder if step zero from that manual wouldn’t be enough to fix it.

Anyway I hope I’ll finally be able to work on *stable* system ;)

dibbler 0.8.1

Can’t believe its almost 7 years since my first sponsored upload of Dibbler to Debian archive. I did it cause upstream promised to maintain it and fix any bugs submitted by Debian users. Unfortunately after 3-4 years he stopped to do it. Well since I was the sponsor of it, then I should feel responsible for these packages after him. It’s quite hard to do it, cause I’m not using these packages at all ;)

Anyway, I finally found some time and reviewed them. It wasn’t easy cause in the meantime whole build process totally changed.

To whom it may concern: Dibbler is an IPv6 DHCP client, relay and server.

I’ve just uploaded the newest upstream version.

Changelog follows:

dibbler (0.8.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

* ACK previous NMUes – thanks!
* New upstream version (Closes: #629685)
– uses correct example adsress pool in examples (Closes: #544323)
– corrects scope of stateless in manpage (Closes: #615165)
* Fix pending l10n issues. Debconf translations:
– Danish courtesy of Joe Hansen (Closes: #597767)
– Dutch courtesy of Jeroen Schot (Closes: #632628)
* Fixes handling of children processes using resolvconf (Closes: #627317)
* Doesn’t conflict with other resolver configuration daemons (Closes: #627786)
* Correctly handles multiselect values from debconf (Closes: #629681)
* Debianized almost from scratch, uses new source format.
* New Standards-Version (no changes needed).

— Bartosz Fenski Fri, 27 Jan 2012 14:37:13 +0100

Yep, it fixes 8 bugs, and brings the newest upstream version with huge number of new features to Debian.


Sentelic touchpad

With the latest changes in driver for Sentelic touchpad I’m eventually able to use two-finger scrolling, and disable touchpad while typing.

Middle-button emulation and on pad click & drag doesn’t work yet, though. Edge scrolling either.

Anyway it starts to be really usable and there is some progress to merge this driver with mainline kernel.

I believe last time I was compiling kernel was around 2.4.18 and only because at that time I was maintaining router for some network and needed some special iptables extensions. Happily it hasn’t changed too much since then and I can compile 3.2.1 without problem ;)

Cracow against ACTA

Wow… that’s really big demonstration.
I’ve just uploaded video with people walking near Wawel castle… plenty of people during almost 20 minutes.
I suppose there was more than 50k people and wonder what’s going to be shown in TV ;)

I really like it.

sshfs 2.3

I’ve just uploaded new version of sshfs package.

Here goes changelog:

sshfs-fuse (2.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

* New upstream version. (Closes: #636357)
- documents special handling of IPv6 addresses (Closes: #572222)
- corrects arguments handling (Closes: #535333, #535343, #571152)
* ACK NMU from 2.2-1.1 version, thanks Robert.
* Fixes typo in short description of -dbg package (Closes: #514261)
* Depends on fuse instead of fuse-utils (Closes: #629327)
* Clarify that owner/group options have to be numbers (Closes: #497368)
* Repackaged from scratch, uses DEP-5 copyrights, new debhelper,
quilt format, new policy standards.

– Bartosz Fenski <>  Sun, 08 Jan 2012 10:01:04 +0000

Enjoy, it fixes 8 bugs ;)

calcurse 2.9.2

Finally found some spare time to refresh my packages. Here are first results, new version of calcurse.

Repackaged, using Guilt as a source format, DEP-5 for copyrights, bumped policy
standards, new *working* watchfile and new debhelper.

Fixes two bugreports.